Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tips on the commond prompt

1]Unable to open command prompt ...

  •   Open the notepad.
  •   Type
  •   save it as cmd.bat or any file name with .bat extension
  •   Double click on that ,It will open the command prompt.

2]Give the color to fonts on cmd

  •        type color ?

  are you able to see options for various color then

  •        type color 4 press enter 

  Do same for all remaining colors

3]open the current working folder through cmd 

  •         type start . 

    opening the root directory 

  •         type start .. 

2] If you want to see the present working directory on the cmd
     then simply type

  •    echo.%cd%

3]Get the name of ure processor and see the speed of cpu through the cmd

  •   wmic cpu get name
  •   wmic cpu get maxclockspeed

You wanna find ascii character
go to command prompt and type
echo ^B        
and press enter

for detail visit following link...........

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