Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Teamcenter: Report builder

Generating report in Teamcenter with custom properties.

Whenever , we generate report in teamcenter either in excel or in html format, sometimes it may not able to give you required property..

In this case , if we want to generate more properties in the the excel sheet or in the html format.

open the report builder from teamcenter.

Select one of the property 
Rename it .
Import customized xsl file i.e stylesheets
Click on modify Button 
Generate report through your customized property .

Creating xsl file in teamcenter
  1.  Go to the TC_DATA\crf\Resource folder
  2. Find file where you want to customized your property 
  3. Add your property line inside it .
  4. Open that file save as it with your customized name 

sample files are present in the 
in my case it is in D:\LocalTeamcenter\Siemens\tcdata\crf\Resources
I had to add one property in bom line report i.e owing_user 
Edit file

see the format all previous file

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