Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Run command

Run command is used to directly open an application or document whose path is known.

Go to start and find the run option or on keyboard press win +  r button
 on run type
1]notepad :-Notepad
2]write      :-Worldpad
3]msconfig :-For system config utility
4]calc       :-For opening the calculator
5]control  :-For opening the control panel
6]cmd      :-For command prompt
7]mspaint :-For painting
8]servces.msc  :-list of services
9]osk   :-on screen keyboard./virtual keyboard
10]mstsc  :-Remote desktop connection

 If you want more applications then explore the
C:\WINDOWS\system32   folder arranged it by type
All exe's are shortcuts you have to simply need to type the name of that exe on run command

Now ,Its time to learn more about RUN
If you want to create your own shortcut

Creating own shortcuts through the run command
1]Right click on that program/application .
2]Make the shortcut.
3]copy that shortcut and paste it over
C:\WINDOWS\system32   folder.
4]Rename it as shortcut.
5]Launch it thruogh the RUN

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