Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Task Manager

How to open the TaskManager ?
  • Press alt+ctrl+delete button 
  • Press shift+ctrl+Esc
  • Right click on taskbar and find the option for task manager
  • open cmd and type "taskmgr"

Not able to open the task manager due to virus/Enable Task Manager 
1]Go to the run command or win+r and type gpedit.msc(group policy object editor)
2]In user configuration select the administrative templates then expand the system option 
3]click on ctrl+alt+delete option 
4]On right hand side right click on remove task manager and see the properties of it.
5]select the enable option and click on ok button .

   Not able to see the desktop icons 
    1]Open the task manager 
    2]Go to File --->New task 
    3]Type "desktop"  (without double quotes)

  My system get hanged /System get slow down 
    1]Open the task manager 
    2]Click on the process which is not working or extra loaded.
    3]Click on End Task 

 How can I see the PID in windows (Process ID)
  1]Open task manager
   2]Click on view option 
   3]Select the PID option
  How can I see my  CPU usage ?
    1]Open task manager 
    2]Click on performance tab and find the details of it 

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