Monday, 7 January 2013

Making virtual drive in windows

Create virtual drive on windows.

Through command prompt

The following are the step to create a virtual drive:

1. Start >> Run.

2. Type cmd and hit Enter.

3. This will open "Command Prompt".

4. Type subst Z: E:\folder and hit Enter key.

Note: You can replace Z: with your desired New Drive Letter (Except existing Drive letters) and you can also replace E:\folder with the path of your favorite folder.
5. Type exit.

Note:-Above steps are only to create a temporary virtual drive, that is, after rebooting your computer, it will be go off.

Manually through the computer

open the explorer of the my computer

select the tools

then click on the Map network drive

Give the path name

Through the batch file

1. Open Notepad.

2. Type in the following:

subst Z: E:\folder

3. File --> Save As....

4. Name it : Virtual Drive virtual_drive.bat.

5. Start --> All Programs.

6. Right Click on Startup --> Open.

7. This open the Startup folder.

8. Paste the Virtual Drive virtual_drive.bat file there.

Now Drive automatically created when ever you start your computer and ran above script .

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